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Book Buyback


Be sure to bring all CDs and supplemental materials with your textbooks.  Books that have ripped covers, water damage, staining or excessive writing will have little to no value.



Books that are bought back for the store  stock are worth up to 50% of new cost.  Books not bought back for the store are dependent on the current national wholesale market price.  

Click here to learn more about what determines a book's buyback price.

Why should you sell your books?

        - You get cash on the spot - unlike online vendors

        - You help recycle books - saving the environment  

        - You help your fellow students - They can purchase used books

 Daily Buyback -  Online 

 online buy

Missed book buyback or need to sell your books before our next scheduled book buyback period?

Use our online buyback service today.  Click here to sell back your books.   Our daily buyback prices are dependent on the current national wholesale market price.